Enable AI Powered
End-to-End Document Automation.

Over the years, front-office CRM and back-office ERP evolved steadily as essential tools.

But the business processes between the two have been stagnant, disjointed, and manual for decades. In other words, the processes driving actual revenue generation and management of key commercial relationships have been significantly neglected.

undercutting not just an enterprise’s ability to compete and grow, but to also generate better returns on their adjacent investments in front- and back-office systems..

Solutions Design


  • Customer forms (Credit Card, Account)

  • Mortgage contacts

  • CRM Integrated forms

  • CRM Integrated email & sms alerts
Real Estate

  • Rule based Sale Purchase agreement

  • Services Contracts

  • Configurable Price Quote (CPQ)

  • CRM Integrated forms and letter of declarations

  • AI Powered automatic DA Processing

  • AI Powered Charter Party contract


  • Export Invoices confirming to LoC

  • Packing lists

  • Contracts

The Doctiger Component

Doctiger will be released on the basis of Artificial Intelligence platform. It’s compatibility of the Automatic document genration,and provides easy-to-use integration.

Smart contracts

Smart Contracts

Make your contracts generation automatic, flexible and error free

Text Understanding &
Information Extraction

Text Understanding

Doctiger has the ability to Extract information from scanned documents, mails, multi document formats and convert to structured information. It can Enter in system or publish as reports as per user requirements

Secure Document Repository

Document Repository

Store all your documents at one place securely and share securely. Easily configurable access control with SSO integration with multiple system

Communication Engine

Communication Engine

Pump invoice data to send invoices, alerts for CRM processes: Mails, sms and call records. Event listeners and mail tracking which updates mail open status on SFDC

Competitive Advantage


Integrates Documents and AI technology to provide unique identities for each node.

Easy Integration

Integration of document process like merg and Edit templete of any kind of Document .

Global System and Secure

An efficient global system covering all corners, provides best data security.

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